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Warhammer 40K

DatePlayer 1ScorePlayer 2Score
03-08-2022Darryn PNathan G
07-07-2022Brandon WDarryn P
06-07-2022Andrea BBrandon W
11-06-2022Gareth BLuke U
09-06-2022Gareth BGreg M
05-06-2022Arne P16Marchuan vdM-16
05-06-2022Darryn P13Jason M-13
05-06-2022Blaine S18Jashin R-18
05-06-2022Darryn P8Marchuan vdM-8
05-06-2022Jashin R11Arne P-11
05-06-2022Jason M16Blaine S-16
05-06-2022Jason M13Marchuan vdM-13
05-06-2022Blaine S14Arne P-14
05-06-2022Darryn P15Jashin R-15
02-06-2022Darryn P13Nathan G-13
29-05-2022Greg M19Gareth B-19
28-05-2022Darryn P12Marchuan vdM-12
28-05-2022Marchuan vdM26Bradley P-26
26-05-2022Kyle J17Darryn P-17
25-05-2022Darryn P15Paul A-15
22-05-2022Bradley P14Darryn P-14
19-05-2022Darryn P14Brandon W-14
19-05-2022Bradley P8Marchuan vdM-8
18-05-2022Bradley P16Darryn P-16
14-05-2022Blaine S16Arne P-16
14-05-2022Blaine S18Arne P-18
12-05-2022Kyle J15Kyle S-15
08-05-2022Cate B17Kyle J-17
05-05-2022Stewart S17Bradley P-17
21-04-2022Bradley P13Kyle S-13
14-04-2022Bradley P15Brandon W-15
13-04-2022Andrea B15Darryn P-15
07-04-2022Brandon W14Marchuan vdM-14
07-04-2022Darryn P14Jason M-14
07-04-2022Gareth B13Dean B-13
06-04-2022Darryn P14Jason V-14
31-03-2022Brandon W16Marchuan vdM-16
31-03-2022Bradley P16Nathan G-16
31-03-2022Gareth B15Byron W-15
26-03-2022Jashin R16Jason V-16
26-03-2022Marchuan vdM17Blaine S-17
26-03-2022James Chu.17Arne P-17
26-03-2022Robert F15Bradley P-15
26-03-2022Andrea B16Stewart S-16
26-03-2022Kyle J16Ruben M-16
26-03-2022Robert F16Jason V-16
26-03-2022Bradley P13Marchuan vdM-13
26-03-2022Jashin R18James Chu.-18
26-03-2022Stewart S15Kyle J-15
26-03-2022Arne P16Blaine S-16
26-03-2022Andrea B15Ruben M-15
26-03-2022Bradley P8James Chu.8
26-03-2022Robert F16Blaine S-16
26-03-2022Andrea B14Brandon W-14
26-03-2022Stewart S15Arne P-15
26-03-2022Ruben M16Andrew C-16
26-03-2022Jason V15Marchuan vdM-15
26-03-2022Kyle J16Jashin R-16
24-03-2022Darryn P16Brandon W-16
17-03-2022Gareth B17Gareth F-17
10-03-2022Gareth F16Dean B-16
06-03-2022Darryn P17Mark C-17
04-03-2022Andrea B16Ryan M-16
04-03-2022Gavin DP16Darryn P-16
03-03-2022Stewart S16Marchuan vdM-16

Warhammer Age of Sigmar

DatePlayer 1ScorePlayer 2Score
20-07-2022James WRuben M
09-07-2022Johnathan SJason V
09-07-2022Johnathan SJason V
07-07-2022Stewart SJohnathan S
06-07-2022Johnathan SJason V
04-07-2022Andrea BJohnathan S
30-06-2022Nathan GJohnathan S
29-06-2022Jason VJames W
25-06-2022James WRuben M
25-06-2022Braiden BJason V
25-06-2022Stewart SJohnathan S
25-06-2022Andrea BRuben M
25-06-2022Stewart SBraiden B
25-06-2022James WRobert F
25-06-2022Andrea BJason V
25-06-2022Johnathan SBraiden B
25-06-2022Robert FStewart S
23-06-2022Blaine SDarryn P
23-06-2022Johnathan SJason V
22-06-2022Paul AJohnathan S
21-06-2022Andrea BJohnathan S
14-06-2022Andrea BJohnathan S
09-06-2022Andrea BJohnathan S
01-06-2022Andrea BPaul A
25-05-2022Andrea B11Ruben M-11
19-05-2022Nathan G6Johnathan S-6
12-05-2022Nathan G19Darryn P-19
12-05-2022Bradley P9Johnathan S-9
05-05-2022Darryn P12Jason V-12
04-05-2022Darryn P7Johnathan S-7
24-04-2022Nathan G15Braiden B-15
24-04-2022Darryn P15Jason V-15
24-04-2022Andrea B14Bradley P-14
24-04-2022Nathan G12Johnathan S-12
24-04-2022Andrea B16Darryn P-16
24-04-2022Bradley P17Jason V-17
24-04-2022Darryn P15Nathan G-15
24-04-2022Jason V16Braiden B-16
24-04-2022Andrea B10Johnathan S-10
21-04-2022James W11Johnathan S-11
10-04-2022Darryn P16Robert F-16
10-04-2022Jason V14Johnathan S-14
07-04-2022Nathan G16Johnathan S-16
31-03-2022Matthew C16Johnathan S-16
30-03-2022Darryn P17Ruben M-17
24-03-2022Bradley P17Jason V-17
24-03-2022James Chu.16Johnathan S-16
18-03-2022Jashin R16Darryn P-16
17-03-2022Johnathan S9Jason V-9
17-03-2022Andrea B16Nathan G-16
09-03-2022James W16Paul A-16
03-03-2022Jason V16Bradley P-16

Horus Heresy

DatePlayer 1ScorePlayer 2Score
04-08-2022Gareth BGareth F
04-08-2022Gavin DPMarc M
28-07-2022Gareth FMarc M
28-07-2022Gareth BQuentin G
21-07-2022Marc MGareth F
14-07-2022Marc MGavin DP
14-07-2022Gareth FGareth B
08-07-2022Gavin DPGareth B
07-07-2022Doug FQuentin G
30-06-2022Gareth BMarc M
25-06-2022Marc MQuentin G
25-06-2022Gareth FGareth B
23-06-2022Marc MGareth F
23-06-2022Greg MGareth B

Blood Bowl

DatePlayer 1ScorePlayer 2Score
02-05-2022Gavin DP17Carl C-17
31-03-2022Doug F16Gavin DP-16

Adeptus Titanicus

DatePlayer 1ScorePlayer 2Score
26-05-2022Dean BMarc M
19-05-2022Marc MGareth B
07-04-2022Gareth BDean B
26-03-2022Dean B16Quentin G-16
26-03-2022Marc M16Dean B-16
26-03-2022Gareth B16Quentin G-16

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