What war games do we do play?

What do we not play?! The gaming genre's can be split up pretty much into periods of history like this: Ancients and Medieval, Napoleonic, American Civil War, Anglo Boer and Anglo Zulu Wars, WWII, Modern conflicts and Fantasy.

Our favourite rule sets are:

Fantasy Gaming is the most well represented side of the club. Warhammer 40K and Warhammer Fantasy (now Age of Sigmar) being the premier rule set. We regularly attend national gaming conventions and have our own league system in place.

The 'Fields of Glory' rule set for all armies ancients and medieval has taken root since DBM has started to diminish. These games are led by Richard Gordon, who also acts as our liaison to the MSSA (Mind Sports South Africa). He is instrumental in setting up competitive play in this rule set.

The black powder era of warfare is often played in 6mm with various rule sets such as fire & Fury adapted for Napoleonic and ACW. A popular yearly event is the battle of Waterloo at Noel's house held over two days.

We have some home grown rules developed by Noel Zaal for Anglo Zulu and Anglo Boer wars that have proved very popular and dynamic especially with the younger members of the club and has garnered their interest in the period.

WWII is the most widely represented in terms of rules and theatres of operation. On the smallest level of combat we play 'Rules of Engagement' in 28mm for platoon skirmishes with a focus on Northern France. Flames of War has been introduced recently for 15mm version of Company sized forces. Larger regiment/battalion sized engagements in North Africa are also played in 6mm with Noels adapted rules. Mervin Mathee is the overlord at the larger battles, adapting the Spearhead Rule set for 6mm models, he often umpires large, multiple division sized games themed on the campaigns for the Rhine, Barbarossa to Bagration and even the Pacific theatre.

For more modern conflicts we have played Arab - Israeli clashes and the border wars in Angola, also using the Modern Spearhead rule set.

Tristan Coetzee has introduced 'Warmachine' the latest in fantasy rule sets, which is becoming popular throughout the country.

Occasionally Tom Bailey brings out his French Foreign Legion to beat off the 'Fuzzy Wuzzies' with his unique and fun scenario's that include airships and gunboats. Epic 40k has seen the table top, as has Aeronautica. Besides Table top wargaming the members are fans of various board games, with Settlers of Catan and Arkham Horror. 'Advance third Reich' has a dedicated weeknight at Mervin's house.

Many members are also avid online gamers too, and we have an affiliation to a Role Play group and Magic the Gathering has a fan base.

Each member takes part in his hobby as and when he can, at his own pace, with no pressure. There is a healthy mix of competitive play and the pure fun of socialising and bringing either the historical events of the past or the imagined world of fantasy to life with the roll of a die.

So many games, so little time!

Durban War Games Club

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