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(By a fan)

A WWII game released way back to commemorate the 60th Anniversary of the Allied invasion of Europe, June 1944.

Initially set in North West Europe, various expansions to the system now enables the players to recreate battles across the entire war on any front. There are many “official” scenarios and literally hundreds of player designed scenarios, available from the very active Memoir ’44 web site.

A simple game to play, easy rules, and a beginner is in the thick of battle within 15 minutes, and handling his forces with minimal input from a mentor.

A game that is pleasing to the eye, with colourful and varied map boards. The beaches of D-day, Hedgerow Hell in Normandy, the harsh North African desert, bleak frozen wastes of the Steppes, steamy jungles of Malaya and the Pacific Islands, street fighting in Stalingrad. You want it, it can be, and probably has been, recreated.

Miniatures represent the troop types, infantry, armour and artillery, with advanced rules bringing in aircraft. Movement is governed by “command cards” and combat results determined by a dice throw, multiple dice, modifiers, all the usually war gaming stuff.

A typical scenario can be completed with 45 minutes to an hour, so there isn’t a huge investment of time, which means a couple of games can be played at a club meeting or afternoon session with a buddy.

What more could a gamer want?
A great looking board, little plastic soldiers to move around, a bunch of cards to choose orders from and rolling dice!

It doesn’t get much better than this!!!!!

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